Wienerwald tunnel, Austria

The 11.6 km Wienerwald tunnel is part of the four-track widening of the west railway between Vienna and St. Pölten or Wels. The tunnel is designed for a speed of 200 km/h. The plant required to produce the segments comes from MSD.

10.7 km of tunnel will be advanced from the west with two tunnel boring machines. Segments will be used to line the tunnel; these segments will be produced with the help of our segment carousel system, which was delivered to the customer "MABA Tübbingproduktion Wienerwaldtunnel". The PCS controlled segment carousel system is designed to transport segments with a piece-weight of up to 13 t.

It consists of the following components:
  • 1 working line
  • 4 curing lines
  • 2 transfer tables
  • Drive modules for the working and curing lines
  • 2 roller shutter gates for closing off the concreting chamber
  • 8 roller shutter gates for closing off the curing chamber
  • 1 complete controls
  • 1 vacuum suction unit
  • 2 vacuum turning/reversing units

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