Traversable lifting platform for SBB in Olten, Switzerland

The platform for working at heights consists of 2 platforms each adjusted to the required working height by 2 screw jacks. Each platform is accessed by stairs which are fixed to the working platform and follows the changeable platform position.

The platforms are limited on the track side by fixed or push-fit removable railings. A fold-down structure bridges the gap to the rail vehicle after it has driven in.

All 4 lifting jacks consist of the stands, spindle drive and lift trucks. The lift truck is supported on the support nut and is guided via idlers on the lifting stands.

The controls include a central control cabinet for group or individual travel and 1 control panel on each platform for their movement only. In addition, a lifting jack has a control box for each platform with emergency stop buttons.

The PCS (programmable control system) monitors all connected hardware for errors. In addition, the controls are self-monitored for correct function.

Customer: Swiss railways: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Olten

Technical details
  • Length: 28 m
  • Span: 14 m
  • Lifting height: from 1.20 m to 3.50 m
  • Lifting speed: approx. 0.80 m/min

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