Road tunnel in Brisbane, Australia

The Brisbane North South Bypass Tunnel is a road tunnel, 4.7 kilometre long, two tubes, bored. It is a bypass road to relieve the city's bridges.

MSD received an order to supply sub-assemblies for the segment fabrication for the Brisbane tunnel construction project in Australia. It includes the following scope of work.

A segment carousel system consisting of:
  • Rail system S49, oblique cut 45°, incl. thrust beam guide
  • 1 working line, 4x curing line each 62.5 m
  • 4 repair tracks each 7.5 m
  • Working line covered with stud plate.
  • 2x rail systems S49 for SB each 22.5 m
  • 2 transfer tables (10 m/min),1x with track gap closure in front of curing chamber (with hydraulics), 1x without track gap closure after curing chamber (without hydraulics)
  • Thrust beam for working line 1 + working line 2 (62.5 m; 20 m/min)
  • 4x thrust beams each 62.5 m (5 m/min)
  • 2 roller shutter gates for concreting chamber
  • 8 swinging gates (automatic) for curing chamber
  • l vibrating table in concreting chamber
  • 2 pillar slewing cranes in working line
A reinforcement cage transport system consisting of:
  • Craneway / gantry
  • Lifting gear with grab:
  • Cage store / buffer / feeder
  • Controls
  • One travel-out line consisting of:
  • turning device 180°
  • rails / track segment transport (gauge 1500 m)
  • Longitudinal transport segment (1+6 standing areas, 6 wagons per 10t)
  • Press frame
  • Gantry for press frame
  • Lifting gear for press frame
  • ELT / controls
Handling equipment with functions for:
  • Extrados "standard" vacuum lifter demoulding (cable reel for power supply = customer on crane)
  • Optional segment holders for handling the lining segments with fork trucks
  • Optional installation and start-up of the above sub-assemblies
  • Mechanical installation (TUA, cage transport, travel-out line)
  • Electrical installation (TUA, cage transport, travel-out line)
  • Start-up (TUA, cage transport, travel-out line)

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