Transfer table for Volkswagen AG, plant in Emden

The whole installation consists of a transfer table, two shunting wagons and track rails for the siding tracks.

The customer is Volkswagen AG

A second individual wagon loading unit is to be built in the Emden works. To this end, an appropriately dimensioned hall-type building is to be constructed, to a large extent based on the existing marshalling yard.

The loading installation is used to load all new vehicles planned for transport by rail and to unload all double-deck car carriers arriving in Emden, loaded with new vehicles for overseas markets. The aim is to achieve a high degree of synchronisation, i.e. that, alternately, one wagon is loaded and another wagon is unloaded.

The two levels of the double-deck car carrier are loaded and unloaded simultaneously.

Plant technology

The sliding platform runs transverse to the railway tracks on land, consisting of four tracks. It is supported on rollers, which in turn run on at least three rails located in a pit. Two tracks are positioned on the baseframe of the sliding table, onto each of which one wagon with a total length of 31 m maximum can be pulled or pushed off again. The wagons are pulled on and pushed off by means of ramped shunting wagons, which can move on the wagon tracks. Special feature: Each track must be reached before each shunting wagon.

A control cabin is mounted on the sliding table, from which the sliding table and all the peripheral equipment can be operated.

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