Power tunnel, Uluabat, Turkey

MSD was awarded a contract to provide the complete rolling stock for an 11.8 km long tunnel to be built near the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The diameter of the Herrenknecht AG tunnel boring machine (TBM) for Uluabat power tunnel is 4.99 m.

The technical equipment for transporting people, spoil, lining segments, cement, etc. is positioned behind this TBM.

In detail, MSD supplied
  • 21 bulk freight wagons
  • 4 mortar wagons @ 4 m³ incl. mortar pump
  • 1 mortar grouting wagon 4.5 m³
  • 1 Y points incl. steel sleepers (asymmetric)
  • 1 unloading ramp
  • 4 segment wagons
  • 2 flat wagons
  • 2 passenger cars
  • 1 California points

The wagons, with 750 mm track gauge, are all fully equipped with spring-mounted axles, pneumatic brake systems, whereby only one axle is braked, Willison couplings and wheels with 350 mm diameter.
The maximum width of the wagons is 1.3 m and the maximum height is 3.26 m.

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