Frameless outdoor transfer table in the DB Regio AG depot in Freiburg

MSD received an order to produced, deliver, install and start-up a transfer table incl. train driver alarm boxes for fully automatic control and including rail track. The system is used to transfer rail vehicles up to max. 135 t total weight. Vehicles with a track gauge of 1435 mm can drive onto the 23 m long platform from both ends. As the platform is driven onto by electric locomotives under their own steam, the traction current of the vehicles is returned via the running gear structure with special slipring assemblies..

A motor cable drum is installed for the main power supply. The system is designed for fully automatic operation, so that the motor car drivers can park their incoming vehicles themselves or can make them available to the workshop.

Numerous safety devices are mounted on the platforms. These are surface-mounted rotating beacons, signal horn, alarm bell, emergency stop buttons, lights. The drives at the track end are switched off via inductive and mechanical limit or pre-limit switches. The loaded state of the platform is registered by the diagonally scanning light barrier. Further light barriers are attached to the ends of the main girders, for checking for the profile clearance on moving the vehicles. At the same time, the track foundations were remediated and the track rails were renewed at the same time as the new transfer table was installed. The approach tracks were aligned and adjusted.

The customer is DB Regio AG, Freiburg.
Technical details:
  • Speed: up to 90 m/min
  • Length: 23.00 m
  • Width: 7.20 m
  • Rated capacity: 135 to
  • Traversability: approx. 45 m
  • Fully automatic operation for self-operation by the motor car driver

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