Running gear turntable with friction drive, adapted to the existing turntable pit, incl. electric controls, in Düsseldorf

Production, delivery and installation of a new turntable with friction drive adapted to the existing turntable pit, incl. electric controls. Putting the system into service and training the personnel.

The pit for the drive and the cable routing for the electric drive are provided on site by the customer.

The customer is Rheinbahn AG

The system is equipped with a geared brake motor controlled by a frequency converter. The motor moves a friction wheel which, spring-loaded (gas pressure springs), which is pressed onto the circumferential diameter of the turntable and therefore initiates the rotational movement.

The electric control is activated manually using operator safety devices (dead man's switches) in conjunction with limit switches on reaching the respective end position. The control or switchbox is installed in a fixed position, approx. 3 m next to the turntable (near the gage). Movement of the turntable is signalled by means of a flashing light and horn.

Technical Specifications
  • Diameter of the existing turntable pit: 2,930 mm
  • Diameter of the new turntable: 2,900 mm
  • Depth of the existing turntable pit: 220 mm
  • Track gauge of the turntable track: 1,435 mm
  • Wheel/rail contact mass during turning movement: max. 5,200 kg
  • Wheel/rail contact mass while turntable at a standstill: max. 4x 5,000 kg
  • Duration of the 90° rotational movement: approx. 20 sec.
  • Electrical drive power: 0.55 kW / 400V / 50 Hz.
  • Control: manually using driver's safety device (dead man's switch),
  • Limit switches in the two end positions


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