Rotary-lifting plant for Bombardier Transportation in Görlitz

MSD planned, produced, installed and started up a rotary-lifting stand as production equipment for welding the roof shells of passenger carriages/power cars at Bombardier Transportation (DWA) Görlitz.

The rotary-lifting stand consists of 2 permanently anchored lifting columns, each with pick-up couplings for the lattice girders listed in the following. 1 lifting stand is equipped with 1 rotary drive. The lifting stand of the opposite side has a follower pivot bearing.

Technical details
  • Rated capacity 3 to per lifter
  • Rotary speed 1 rpm
  • Electric screw jack
  • Length of the workpiece 32 m
  • Picked up by special, heavy-duty wedge-shaped coupling with slipring assembly for welding current return

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