City tunnel Cologne, Germany

MSD was awarded a contract to produce and supply the components for the shield starter construction (so-called "flying shield start") for the northern lot of the Cologne city tunnel. Cologne’s north-south city railway is being built in three construction stages.

Construction of the new double-track tunnel section, the so-called City tunnel in Cologne, is currently the largest urban development project in Germany and at the same time is one of the largest archaeological excavation sites in a European metropolis.
Cologne's north-south city railway will be extended by 3.9 km and seven underground railway stations and is divided into three construction phases:

First construction phase

The first construction phase extends from Breslauer Platz at the main railway station, right across the old and inner city up to Marktstraße in the south of Cologne.
The largest part of this some four kilometre long route runs underground in two single track, parallel tunnel tubes. Only 270 metres of the line will be built above ground:
Of this, 160 metres is a ramp, on which the north-south city rail emerges from underground just before the southern end point and runs a further 110 metres to the above-ground Marktstraße stop. The first construction phase is expected to be completed in 2010.
Cologne's north-south city railway will start service on this line in the same year.

Second construction phase

The second construction phase links Cologne's north-south city railway with the banks of the River Rhine.
To do this, an eastern branch is being built, which runs from the future Bonner Wall stop, partly along the route of a disused harbour railway, up to Schönhauser Straße. There Cologne north-south city rail will join city line 16 which runs to the south.
The second construction phase is also expected to be completed in 2010 and must start operation at the same time as the first construction phase.

Third construction phase

The third construction phase will run from Marktstraße stop, above ground in the middle of Bonner Straße and, with four stops along a two kilometre length, will lead to the Cologne/Arnoldshöhe roundabout.

Our customer, ARGE Ingenieurbau - Cologne north-south city rail north lot, gave MSD an order for:
  • 1 starter gasket; DTBM = 6,810 mm - approx. 9.2 to in 4 segments + stiffener
  • 2 adapter rings for starter gasket (1 x west tunnel and 1 x east tunnel) - 0.9 to
  • 1 thrust ring, special type for "flying shield start" - approx. 34.5 to
  • 2 vertical supports for "flying shield start" - approx. 18.4 to
  • 2 slideway supports and other parts for concrete shield cradle (1 x west tunnel and 1 x east tunnel) - 8.1 to

Another part of this part order is the delivery of 85 walkway supports (for 3 planks next to each other with railing support - at approx. 25 kg/each).

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