Stationary concrete factory of Rekers, Spelle

Our customer, Rekers Betonwerk GmbH, is expanding its existing plant building for use of a complete segment carousel system. The plant engineering required for this for production of the segments is supplied by MSD.

At the end of March 2005, the first series production of segments started with the segment carousel system supplied by us for the Randstad Rail project in Rotterdam, in Rekers concrete factory in Spelle. The Statenweg Rotterdam section, which is approx. 2.9 km long and has a diameter of 6.5 m will be lined with concrete segments. The PCS controlled segment carousel system supplied is designed to transport segments with a piece-weight of up to 15 to and consists of the following components:
  • 1 working line
  • 3 curing lines
  • 2 transfer tables
  • Drive modules for the working and curing lines
  • Reserve for subsequent installation of 3 further curing lines
  • 6 roller shutter gates for closing off the curing chamber
  • 1 complete controls
  • 2 roller shutter gates for closing off the concreting chamber
In addition, we also supplied a demoulding line for this project with the following components:
  • 1 craneway
  • 2 special lifting gear
  • 1 tilting table
  • 2 vacuum suction units
  • 1 complete controls
The equipment line required was also supplied by MSD with the following equipment:
  • 1 segment transport system
  • 1 press frame including gantry with lifting gear
  • 1 hydraulic gripper
  • 1 vacuum suction unit

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