Track-bound logistics systems: Productivity on rails.

Maschinen- und Stahlbau Dresden develops and builds track-bound system solutions for safe and economic passenger, material and spoil logistics on tunnel construction sites of every type and size.

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Track-bound logistics systems are unsurpassedly efficient.

Track-bound conveying systems are the first choice when large capacities are required with low manning. Whether for transporting the overburden, spoil or useful minerals, for material supply, maintaining machines and systems or for transporting people – MSD has the right solution to hand for your construction project.

MSD logistics systems offer extensive equipment options.

The wheelsets of our rail-bound transport systems are mounted on spring bearings. That not only improves their running properties but also protects your tracks. All coupling systems can also be spring mounted if required. Freedom of choice also exists for the brake systems equipped: You decide which wagons are to be braked and which not.

MSD logistics modules are flexibly combinable.

Our track-bound vehicle engineering is modular. This has decisive advantages: On the one hand, it simplifies spare parts management and reduces costs. On the other hand, in this way individual special constructions can be derived from standard basic modules with little effort for every gauge and every purpose. In this way, you quickly reach your customised track-bound solution without complications.

Track-bound logistics systems product overview

  • Platform wagons
  • Segment wagons
  • Mortar wagons
  • Material wagons
  • Unloading wagons for material wagons
  • Heavy-duty wagons
  • Supply wagons
  • Carriages for passenger transport
  • Crane cars
  • Cars with lifting platforms
  • Customized solutions

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