MSD back-up systems: Tunnelling logistics centres.

Powerful tunnel boring machines (TBM) do not develop their full productivity until they are joined by carefully coordinated back-up systems (trailing support systems). These are usually pulled along by the TBM and accommodate practically everything needed for advancing and lining on tunnel construction sites, except the drilling equipment itself. MSD develops and builds these highly complex special constructions.

Back-up systems: Special engineering in tow.

Power supply, controls, material transport, spoil disposal, working platform and much, much more: Back-up systems have numerous tasks – and each and every one of them is decisive for safe and economic completion of the tunnelling project. Apart from the tunnel boring machine itself, these systems are therefore the technically most sophisticated equipment in tunnelling.

MSD back-up systems are first class in every respect.

No matter whether on rails or wheels: MSD back-up systems provide a supremely well-working power supply, intelligent control engineering, powerful material and spoil handling systems, effective tools and an ergonomic and safe environment for efficient workflows – purposefully integrated in a robust and well thought through steel structure.

MSD back-up systems product overview:

  • Back-up systems
  • Online Californian points
  • Automotive scaffolding wagons

MSD develops the best solution for your project.

MSD has the engineering know-how and valuable practical experience, acquired from its involvement in the most ambitious tunnel construction projects in the whole world, to develop and implement ideal back-up systems and lining systems for any project.

Prime example: "Worm" back-up system.

By the way: MSD designed the "worm" pipe bridge as a back-up system for construction of the longest traffic tunnel in the history of mankind, the 57 kilometre long St. Gotthardt base tunnel. The impressive rolling factory is 600 metres long and weighs around 2000 tonnes; it is used to transform roughly hewn rock into a finished lined main tunnel. All pipes, the train traffic and the complete infrastructure for the tunnel boring machine are fed, section by section, through the trailer system.

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